Tuition Fee: $125.00

(Plus $5 convenience fee if paid by card)

Previous ALTS students please contact ALTS staff at 480-969-5305 in order to enroll!


This Manager License Review course will provide computer based study material and quizzes to help prepare you for the Manager License Exam with the NCIA Board. This course is accessible away from the ALTS campus. 

You will also be enrolled into "Manager License Review with Mrs. Nhor"  the day before the NCIA Board License Exam. This course will provide additional practice tests and video instruction from your instructor.

Registration for payment:

o    Credit Card payment via Paypal or

o    via payment over phone 480-969-5305

NOTE: Once enrolled, you are given only 4 weeks to complete this course, unless suggested otherwise by an ALTS instructor (please call: 480-969-5305 for any questions or concerns). If an extension is needed, please contact ALTS.