Course Description: 

This program will give you knowledge on basic caregiver skills and duties to care for and help people of the assisted living community.  This course is designed for those who desire to learn caregiving skills, provide information on basic care for family members, a review for those who are already caregivers, and/or enhance their resume.

After completing this course you will be granted a receipt of completion issued by Assisted Living Training School LLE Inc that may not be recognized by your State or other International Country. Please check the rules and regulations of your local government regarding caregiver requirements and guidelines before taking this program. This program will NOT be accepted as a certificate for employment in the State of Arizona, unless you have paid the $100 additional fee and have taken the State Exam within 1 year of completing this program (or please see our AZ Caregiver Certificate Training Program to be certified as a caregiver in Arizona) .

Tuition Fee: $499.00

(Plus $15 convenience fee if paid by card)

Registration for payment:

  • via Paypal 
  • by calling ALTS Office at 480-969-5305

NOTE: Once enrolled, you are given only 2 months to complete this course. If you would like to go past your enrollment period there will be an extension fee of $150.00. If you would like to be extended for more than the maximum time of extensions, you will need to purchase the course again. (Please call: 480-969-5305 for any questions or concerns.)